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Fluid solutions

- increases efficiency and value across applications

Fluid handling

Through the use of state-of-the-art fluid solutions for a variety of industries and applications, we maintain a continual focus on increased value and efficiency on behalf of our customers at all times. You can consider us a full-service provider that is able to supply anything from stand-alone pump solutions to fully automated production lines for the dispensing of 1C and 2C solutions within glues and jointing materials.



We are a reliable partner for dispensing solutions for glues, adhesives and jointing materials, from low to very high viscosities and densities. We can solve your challenge, regardless of whether you require a simple or advanced, automated precision solution.



As a technical systems and automation firm specialising in fluid handling, we can solve advanced tasks within robotic solutions, production lines, precision dosing, data collection, PLC controls and integrations, to name but a few areas.



We carry a broad range of process equipment: Pumps, agitators, etc. covering a broad range of applications and ensuring the highest standards and stable production. Everything from stainless hygiene solutions, handling of aggressive fluids and the transport of fluids with a high dry matter and particle content.


Hot melt

Mouritsen is a dealer and integrator of Graco InvisiPac tankless hot melt systems. Our hot melt solutions are based on a technological platform that provides short start-up times, low consumption and “melt-on-demand technology” to avoid charring of the glue.


Advisory services

We are a leader in product and application knowledge relating to fluid handling and automation in this area. We are happy to participate as a partner as early as the design phase.



We perform servicing and repairs on all equipment. With a service agreement with us, you can be certain that your equipment will run optimally, that the risk of downtime is minimised and that the service life of your equipment is extended.

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