Invest in the environment and save money on a 2 component solution

There is money to be saved in the long run when you move from manual mixing or single-component solutions to a 2 component solution for surface treatment materials.

An upgrade from a 1C to a 2C solution will, using very simple arithmetic, undeniably result in a price increase of 20-30%. However, your accounts will still end up positive. This is because there is a relatively short payback period on 2C solutions. The positive accounting refers both to business accounts and carbon accounts.

When it comes to carbon, advantages include:
The fact that it is easier to predict and manage VOC emissions with a 2C solution
The fact that you can use an evaporator to distil and reuse your thinner over and over again.
The fact that you do not need to rinse as much with a 2C solution as you do with a 1C solution (80% less in fact)

When it comes to financial accounts, a 2C solution plays a part because:
A 2C solution allows you to ensure the correct volume and mixing ratio for the paint.
A 2C solution ensures that you do not mix more paint than you need, resulting in much less wastage.
You get a longer service life from your paint pump

Senior Sales Manager Steen Rasmussen, who is one of those responsible for the sale of surface treatment equipment at Mouritsen, explains that 2C solutions can, for example, be applied electrostatically.
In relatively simple terms, this means that the paint is drawn around the workpiece while you are painting – resulting in very little spillage:

“We are selling more and more two-component solutions because customers are looking to reduce their VOC emissions. However, the primary reason is probably still the fact that you end up with better quality results, all the way up to C4/C5, which is paint in a high corrosion class. But more of our customers are also seeing the environmental benefits as a result of less thinner consumption and paint wastage, the longer service life of paint pumps and fewer spare parts required for pumps,” he says.

A specific solution
The latest project Mouritsen has realised using a 2C solution has just been delivered.
The project had been under way since 2019 and was a collaborative process between Mouritsen and the customer.

“This is exactly how we want to work,” says Mouritsen CEO Claus Andersen and continues:
“Our extensive knowledge of individual applications, the overall process and the possibilities for minimising our carbon footprint have a real impact when we enter into development discussions with individual customers”.

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