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2K-maleanlæg reducerer spild og forbedrer arbejdsmiljøet

Overfladebehandlingsspecialisten Alcumatic har investeret i et nyt moderne Graco 2KE-maleanlæg for i endnu højere grad at kunne honorere både egne og kundernes krav til kvalitet og bæredygtig produktion via brugen af vandbaseret maling. Samtidig er anlægget med til at automatisere manuelle processer i produktionen og forbedre arbejdsmiljøet.


Alcumatic A/S


Søndeborg, Danmark

Business area

Surface treatment


Graco 2KE paint system

Better working environment and higher quality.

A 2KE painting system from Graco has improved a wide range of processes at the manufacturing company Alcumatic, which specializes in die casting, machining and surface treatment in aluminium.

"The system - which Mouritsen has tailored to Alcumatics' needs - has thus contributed to both a better working environment and higher quality",

says Managing Director of Alcumatic, Johannes Hyldgård Jakobsen.

"We have achieved a better working environment and more automated handling, and we have also made some improvements in relation to the environment and waste. Finally, we have achieved a significantly more stable process in relation to layer thickness.”

Stort projekt krævede nye løsninger

The Sønderborg-based company has a history that goes back decades, and Alcumatic is today a modern, quality-oriented company that services customers in Denmark and the entire Nordic region.

The need for a modern 2K painting system arose in connection with a project involving two-component painting of complex items for a large industrial company – moreover, in very large quantities.

Here there were challenges getting the traditional paint to adhere properly according to the customer's quality requirements, which is why there was a desire to switch to water-based paint, as it is also significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional paint.

Therefore, there was a need for an automated solution for handling the water-based paint, where the system itself mixes hardener into the paint and at the same time ensures minimal waste - of course without compromising the quality.

"It took a long time to find the right solution. But thanks to expert advice from Mouritsen, we are sure that we have now found such a solution with the Graco 2K-system. The system is super simple to operate, and at the same time there is no waste, because the system itself ensures the correct mixing between hardener and base,”

explains Chris Claudi Pedersen, industrial painter at Alcumatic.

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The value of good guidance

We have many years of experience in supplying and servicing systems from Graco, and precisely our service and availability were also one of the primary reasons why Alcumatic chose Mouritsen as a supplier.

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"If we have a problem, we can get help within just a few hours. And what is particularly important to me, with the purchasing situation I am in, is that we have received the right guidance,"

Says Johannes Hyldgård Jakobsen.

Data collection as a benefit

He finds that data collection and the insights that can be accessed via Graco's 2KE PLC panel is an area that customers are increasingly demanding. That is why he is also happy about the possibilities that the Graco system offers.

“We are now able to collect data. So when we have to work on optimizing our environment and limit our waste of materials in the future, we know exactly what we actually consume in the production,"

explains Johannes Hyldgård Jakobsen.

"I would say that with the investment we have made here, I feel that we have future-proofed our wet painting process,"

concludes the managing director.

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