Code Of Conduct

Purpose Accountability is a core value at Mouritsen A/S. This applies to the whole organisation and in everything we do. This also applies to our entire supply chain and consequently also to our suppliers. Therefore, we attach great importance to this principle of accountability also resulting in Mouritsen A/S being informed immediately if this Code of Conduct cannot be complied with.

Inspection and evaluation Mouritsen A/S reserves the right to ask our suppliers at any given time to document their compliance with this Code of Conduct.

In the event of non-compliance with the Code of Conduct, Mouritsen A/S will enter into a dialogue to ensure acceptable conditions. Adequate action plans for remedial actions by the supplier will be required.

International principles and compliance with legislation In addition to complying with this Code of Conduct and thus acting in compliance with relevant international agreements, principles and conventions, our suppliers must comply with all acts, regulations, administrative practices and other applicable standards (for example collective agreements or other codes of conduct) in the countries in which they operate.

If there are differences between the terms of this Code of Conduct and national legislation or other applicable standards, our suppliers must comply with the most rigorous requirements.

Pay and working conditions The supplier is expected to comply with all local acts and regulations on pay and working hours, including minimum wages, overtime pay, absence due to illness, piecework and other forms of compensation.

Working hours Overtime work may only be done on a voluntary basis and must be planned in a way that ensures safe and humane working conditions and be compensated in accordance with local legislation.

Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining Mouritsen A/S expects the supplier to allow staff and other attached employees freely to organise and participate in collective bargaining, as defined in local legislation. In cases where local legislation restricts freedom of association and the possibility of collective bargaining, the supplier must take other measures to ensure that all staff have an opportunity to exercise collective influence in another way.

Discrimination Direct or indirect discrimination in connection with employment, compensation, education and training opportunities, promotion, dismissal or severance on the grounds of race, colour, gender, language, religion, political views or other beliefs, age, nationality, social or ethnic background, financial circumstances, sexual orientation, origin or other status is not permitted.

Child labour The supplier must not be involved in child labour, either directly or indirectly. As a general rule, children should not work until they have reached the compulsory school age. The minimum age for full-time employment is 15 years. Employees aged under 18 must not perform hazardous work or work at night, regardless of how many hours they work. The minimum age for light work, also called leisure work (which can be performed without disturbing the child’s education) is 13 years.

If it is ascertained that a child is working, the supplier must act in the child’s interest. Any measure taken must improve, and not worsen, the child’s situation.

Corruption and bribery Mouritsen A/S expects integrity and honesty in all business activities. Bribes must not be offered, promised, made, accepted, tolerated, demanded or deliberately exploited.

Working environment The supplier is responsible for ensuring a good and healthy working environment and compliance with local legislation. Disciplinary sanctions in the form of fines or pay deductions are not allowed.

The supplier is expected to work systematically to improve working environment conditions, for example in accordance with an international working environment standard.

Environment The supplier must, as a minimum, comply with local and international legislation and regulations on environmental protection.

In addition, the supplier should strive to use environmental management systems to:

  • reduce the volume of waste and emissions to air, soil and water,

  • and handle chemicals in an environmentally sound manner

  • handle, store and dispose of hazardous waste in an environmentally

  • sound manner, and contribute to recycling and reuse of materials and products

  • implement sustainable technologies and work continuously to reduce the company’s footprint.

The supplier is expected to work systematically to improve environmental conditions, for example in accordance with an international environmental protection standard.

Personal data If the supplier processes personal data on behalf of Mouritsen A/S, the supplier is obliged to enter into a data processing agreement with Mouritsen A/S as a supplement to the main agreement. This ensures compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and protection of the privacy of our customers and employees.

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