Osucas-metalliseringsanlæg har minimeret de dyre produktionsstop

To moderne 400 ampere metalliseringsanlæg fra Osucas har sikret overfladespecialisten Muehlhan A/S i Give højere oppetider og færre driftsstop i produktionen.


Muehlhan A/S


Give, Danmark

Business area

Surface treatment



Osucas OC380 and OC600 metallization units

Far more stable production

This is the main benefit achieved by the metal surface-treatment specialist Muehlhan A/S through replacement of an older 600A metallization plant with two new 400A Osucas metallization plants supplied by Mouritsen A/S.

A simple, optimum and easy-to-use machine design plus a built-in air motor give Muehlhan A/S a far higher output per hour, thanks to more even operation.

had less downtime and less troubleshooting than previously. We have virtually
no downtime at the plants, and as you know, it’s production stoppages that cost

says Louai Cherkawy, Production Manager at Muehlhan A/S.

Has run at full capacity

Muehlhan A/S in Give is part of the global Muehlhan Group, which for more than 140 years has provided the oil & gas, wind-turbine, marine and construction industries with surface treatment and other services.

The Danish factory in Give had for many years used a 600A metallization plant for its various metallization processes, but in 2020 Louai Cherkawy faced a choice, as the existing plant was to be sent into retirement.

Skulle Muehlhan gå efter det, man kendte, eller skulle man gå nye veje?

Derfor tog Muehlhan fat i Mouritsen, som stillede sin mangeårige ekspertise inden for metallisering til rådighed.

”Vi havde en rigtig god dialog med Mouritsen, som foreslog os et 400 ampere metalliseringsanlæg fra Osucas. Vi var i tvivl om, hvorvidt det ville give os lige så meget som et 600 ampere anlæg, men vi må bare sige, at det har spillet 100 procent fra dag ét,”

forklarer Louai Cherkawy, som til at begynde med fik et anlæg på prøve i 14 dage.

”Og det gik bare over al forventning,” siger han.

cases example

Robust and simple machine design

With the two 400 amp Osucas machines, Muehlhan A/S now has two compact and powerful metallization units.

Among other things, the systems are characterized by a robust and flexible hose design and a simple machine design that minimizes wear and thus the need for maintenance. At the same time, the current level of 400 amps ensures a more stable operation, as the system can run at 100 percent almost all the time with very few fluctuations and no loss – not even with longer hose packages.

Another important feature is the use of air motors, which has also resulted in higher uptimes in Muehlhan's production.

"The air motors are a huge plus. The electric motors on the old plant fluctuated a lot, and we had to keep expensive spare motors in stock, but we no longer have that problem,”

says Louai Cherkawy.

Osucas metalliseringsanlæg

"We have had fewer production stops and less troubleshooting than before. We have virtually no production stoppages on the units, and as you know, it is the stoppages that cost money,”

says Louai Cherkawy, Production Manager at Muehlhan A/S.

The right choice

As part of the agreement, Muehlhan has access to Mouritsen's service agreement, but due to the plants' high performance and very few issues, there has been virtually no need for service visits in the almost one and a half years that Muehlhan has had the units.

"But Mouritsen comes if we call, and that is really important to us,"

says Louai Cherkawy, adding:

"We are extremely happy with the units, and it was definitely the right choice we made together with Mouritsen."

Osucas metalliseringsanlæg Muehlhan

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