We are driven by our desire to combine our knowledge with constantly raising the bar. We have been in the market for around 20 years.

These years of achievement provide us with a compass of experience that allows us to easily and effortlessly navigate on your behalf AND keep a close eye on the details when it comes to the solution, the context and the climate. The combination of our procedures and our mentality also means that we know how long things take and you can be confident we will deliver on time. Every time!

We cover three business areas: Offshore energy, fluid handling and surface treatment. We collaborate with reputable partners and producers within each area. We place great emphasis on our collaborative approach, both because we consider it to be the best way to ensure a unique and relevant solution for every challenge and also because it enriches our shared working life. For this very same reason, we are committed to ensuring that training and skills development form part of the complete solutions that we offer.

Efficiency and optimisation, in terms of time, financial costs and material consumption are key factors for you and also for us. If we are able to make all of these elements work together to solve your challenge, we will have the foundations for a positive and rewarding collaboration.

You can both hire and buy equipment for your production process from us.
Regardless of the solution you are leaning towards, you will find that we have a focus on the environment and innovation.

We have knowledge of the correct, technical solutions for your application across the various process and manufacturing industries. We can supply everything from individual spare parts to complete machinery, including specific knowledge of surface treatment, fluid handling (composites and glues) and special machinery for offshore energy.

We are proud that we, in interaction with our customers, suppliers and partners, have dared to create solutions that did not already exist and in which the aim has not simply been to increase our customers’ performance but also to leave a positive impression on our society and our future environment.


Quality and HSE

Leaving a positive impression on society, the environment and people is a key focus at Mouritsen. In more specific terms, this means that we have committed to placing
great emphasis on creating good frameworks for the health and safety of our employees and our customers alike. This means that we continuously ensure:

  • That our employees are trained in relation to the handling of materials and machinery

  • That we prioritise solutions that reduce environmental impact, e.g. energy optimisation and minimising the use of thinners.

  • That we continuously work on ongoing improvements and that our management systems are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

  • We are in the process of obtaining ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification for our environment and health and safety systems.

  • Our solutions are developed in accordance with applicable standards, in which ATEX is a both special focus and an area of expertise.

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Claus Andersen


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Mette Løgstrup

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