Nitrogen generator

With our custom designed nitrogen generator PM2100, you can produce nitrogen on-site. The PM2100 enables the production of large quantities of nitrogen in its purest form 24 hours a day, all year round. You lower your CO2 footprint, reduce your costs and improve the safety of your on-site employees.

A PM2100 nitrogen generator from Mouritsen A/S makes it possible to produce nitrogen on-site on offshore vessels and platforms. The nitrogen generator can produce nitrogen in up to 99.9% purity and with a flow of up to 500 m³/h and a pressure of up to 9 bar.

This makes the PM2100 ideal for production of large quantities of nitrogen offshore, where you want to minimize transport costs, improve safety on board and not least leave a greener impact on the climate.

Onsite nitrogen for gas and oil extraction

Nitrogen is used for a wide range of applications within production and maintenance on offshore installations.

Be it flow and pressure purging before and after maintenance tasks, pigging, packing, pressure test, leak test and pre-filling. All processes where the need is to secure the part of the installation that needs to be worked on.

Nitrogen generator for offshore industry

The PM2100 removes the oxygen from the compressed air through a selective penetration of gases via adsorption, which alternates between two adsorption chambers.

The generator is equipped with sensors that monitor production and ensure that the nitrogen produced by the generator maintains high quality. In addition, the generator comes with a built-in safety function that shuts down the generator in the event of a process error - for example, if a parameter falls outside a defined limit or range.

Nitrogen plant or liquid nitrogen in a bottle?

With the PM2100 you are guaranteed:

  • On-site nitrogen production 24 hours a day

  • Stable nitrogen production of up to 500 m³/hour and a pressure of up to 9 bar.

  • Nitrogen purity between 95.0% and 99.9%

  • Reduced transport costs compared to the use of pressurized bottles

  • Equipment that is certified according to ATEX zone 2 and thus approved for operation in potentially explosive areas

  • Delivery in offshore container (DNVGL-ST-271) (L*W*H) 3200*2438*2900 mm

  • A reliable solution with very little maintenance

  • Low weight per m – less than one ton per m

  • A space-saving solution that frees up space on the deck because racks with nitrogen pressure bottles are avoided

  • Improved security

Nitrogen generator maintenance

A PM2100 nitrogen generator from Mouritsen A/S can initially produce more than 1.3 million bottles of nitrogen before maintenance of the unit is required. This means that there are over 40,000 operating hours between scheduled maintenance.

This ensures a very stable on-site supply of nitrogen and correspondingly low maintenance costs. When maintenance is to be carried out, the entire nitrogen unit is shipped in for maintenance onshore.

On-site nitrogen plant or bottled nitrogen?

Whether it is most relevant with an on-site nitrogen plant or bottled nitrogen will often depend on the specific applications, the conditions offshore, etc.

But with Mouritsen's PM2100 nitrogen generator, you are guaranteed a solution where you achieve great savings on your transport costs. Depending on the current market prices of nitrogen, you can reduce your total costs by 40-80 percent.

The lower costs for transport also contribute to reducing your production's overall CO footprint.

In a comparison between either ordering 20,000 m³ of nitrogen in the form of bottle racks (more than 20 bottle racks with 64 bottles each) or by producing the same amount via the PM2100 nitrogen generator, it is clear that the using the PM2100 can provide a saving of up to 20 tonnes CO .

Read more about the case here: How the nitrogen generator reduces CO2 emissions by up to 75%



PM2100 Nitrogen

PM2100 Nitrogen

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