Bristle Blaster® - an innovative brush technology for cost-effective and environmentally friendly surface treatment

Bristle Blaster® is an innovative method of removing rust and other surface coatings with a minimum of waste. With the Bristle Blaster® from MontiPower®, you get access to different models, which give you a flexible solution for every surface treatment need – both in the industry, in the maritime sector and offshore.

Do you need an environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to surface treatment with traditional sandblasting?

Bristle Blaster® from the German manufacturer MontiPower is an innovative brush technology for cost-effective and environmentally friendly surface treatment of a wide range of items. Including surface treatment in hard-to-reach environments without access to water or electricity.

The Bristle Blaster® unit consists of a rotating brush head in hardened steel, which, via a special brush design and pressure, can remove surface coatings with the same cleanliness, roughness and precision as, for example, sandblasting. In addition, the surface treated is prepared for further processing.


A minimum of waste

In contrast to similar technologies such as e.g. sandblasting, Bristle Blaster® generates virtually no residual waste as no sand or other forms of particles are used. The only waste is the small amounts of cold spark coating that is brushed away.

Bristle Blaster® comes in five models: two based on compressed air, two based on electricity and a cordless, battery-powered model. This flexibility makes the Bristle Blaster® an obvious tool in workshops and production halls as well as in shipyards, refineries, wind turbine blades, drilling platforms and other mobile, maritime jobs.

With Bristle Blaster® you get

  • A mobile and flexible handheld tool that is smart, efficient and easy to operate

  • Eliminates the need for expensive equipment

  • The right surface profile with a span from 2.5 to 3.3 mm in less time

  • An innovative tool for cleaning eg. rust, paint, scale and other surface coatings

  • A high degree of flexibility thanks to five different models

  • PLUG & PLAY functionality for quick and intuitive commissioning

  • Minimal amounts of residual waste

  • A high degree of safety: ATEX approved for zone 1 environments

  • Only need for minimal PPE equipment. (safety glasses, gloves and earplugs are plentiful)

  • Extended life of the treated surface

Bristle Blaster
Bristle Blaster

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