Our core values

Our values are our DNA. They must permeate the way we work. Contrary to our strategic plans, which are constantly changing, our values are a fixed point of reference and constantly help us to navigate and adapt to new customer needs and demands from the outside world.

It is important to us that all employees at Mouritsen A/S thrive, that we deliver special high quality solutions and that we take responsibility for our own and our customers’ environmental footprint.

Our core values that we follow daily are:

  • Quality

  • A good workplace

  • Responsibility

Quality is the common denominator of all our services and solutions. Quality applies to our design and development of specialised solutions, to our service and advice and to the way we as a company and our employees approach each and every task – big or small.

We achieve a good workplace by involving our employees in our internal development processes. An example of this is when we implemented our new core values throughout the organisation, and all employees were involved from start to finish. However, we always make sure that we cater to the individual employee’s needs and personal development as well.

It is important to us that we are responsible – both towards each other on a daily basis and to the world around us, including the environment. As a company, we would like to support the green transition, and we achieve this by e.g. thinking sustainably and constantly looking for innovative and environmentally friendly alternatives to our specialised solutions.

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