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Sandblasting equipment

Blasting is a superior and well-known method for cleaning e.g., large steel constructions before further processing. Mouritsen A/S offers a broad portfolio of blasting equipment and accessories from some of the leading manufactures on the market. Whether it is for offshore, wind, marine or traditional industry we can offer you the right solution for your needs.

What is blasting?

Blasting is widely used in both traditional industries, offshore and in the maritime sector for cleaning for example large steel structures, so that the surface is ready for further processing to ensure a fine finish and the best protection against corrosion.

Blasting removes rust, scale, old paint, and other surface coatings and leaves the surface clean. At the same time the surface has the necessary roughness for proper adhesion of either epoxy or polyurethane based paint systems.

Blasting typically takes place by using compressed air to accelerate a blasting agent up to speed, whereby the surface of the object is blown clean. Depending on the object the blasting agent can be metallic (steel and iron grit), inorganic (glass beads, plastic granules, or corundum) or organic (e.g., crushed nut shells, sodium bicarbonate, or soda).

Whether you need a single spare part or a complete unit or solution, and regardless of whether it is a brand-new investment or an upgrade of your existing equipment. At Mouritsen A/S, we can provide you with all types of blasting equipment for industrial use. And we help tailor the facility to your needs.


We have the solution for you

Mouritsen A/S carries a wide range of blasting equipment, for instance:

  • Mobile blasting units

  • Blast pots

  • Automated blasting with robot

  • Safety and protective equipment, including helmets

  • Various accessories for blasting

We offer both stationary and mobile blasting systems.
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We also offer rental of blasting equipment.
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Mouritsen A/S – a trustworthy partner in blasting equipment

We have decades of in-depth experience in both manual and automated blasting equipment for industry and offshore. Our specialists are ready to recommend you on the best possible solution for your needs.

Regardless of whether you need a small component for your plant or a complete blasting system, we have a solution for you.

Mouritsen A/S has one of the most comprehensive service departments in the market with in-depth knowledge of surface treatment. This makes us your competent and highly specialized partner from the beginning to end.

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