Offshore cleaning equipment

Our wide range of cleaning equipment ensures effective cleaning of surfaces. We offer, among other things, ATEX high-pressure cleaners with both cold and hot water and with the possibility of dispensing soap and solvents, just as we offer sandblasting solutions, vacuum sandblasters and a wide selection of shot blasting equipment.
For smaller areas, we also have the popular Bristle Blaster® brush technology, which removes rust, paint and other surface coatings in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.
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Cleaning equipment for offshore

Cleaning equipment for offshore

S350 Hedvandsrenser ATEX Zone 1

S350 Hot wash unit ATEX Zone 1

E240 Koldt vands Højtryksrenser ATEX

E240 Cold water high pressure cleaner ATEX

IKA-160 Hedvands Højtryksrenser ATEX Zone 1

IKA-160 Hot wash high pressure cleaner ATEX Zone 1

HDS12 Hedvands Højtryksrenser

HDS12 Hot wash high pressure cleaner

50 L Sandpotte – SCHMIDT Pressure Hold Valve System

50 L Blasting unit – SCHMIDT Pressure Hold Valve System

Vacuum Sandblasting Unit 18 L

Vacuum Sandblasting Unit 18 L

100 L Sandpotte

100 L Blasting unit

Slyngrenser 550 maskine

Shot blaster 550 machine

Slyngrenser 254 enhed

Shot blaster 254 machine

Slyngrenser 200 maskine

Shot blaster 200 machine

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Skærmbillede 2022-11-03 kl. 16.00.29
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