We are so privileged to always be engaged in new, exciting tasks. Sometimes we actually remember to tell about it too. It could be that others could benefit from it. The last time we raised our eyes and grabbed the camera, this what came out of it.

Ensure a healthy and safe working environment

Ensure a healthy and safe working environment

At Mouritsen we offer competent advice and guidance on health and safety in line with HSE across our three primary fields of business: Offshore/Energy, Fluid Handling and Surface Treatment.

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3K Maleanlæg i sneen

3K paint system in the snow

Vores serviceteknikere kommer vidt omkring, når de udfører serviceopgaver og installerer nye anlæg hos kunderne. Senest havde Bent Kiholm og Michael Tambo fornøjelsen af at installere et nyt 3K maleanlæg på Grønland.

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Education for the surface treatment engineers of the future

Through a collaboration with Tradium, Mouritsen has become part of the education in surface treatment at Tradium in Randers, thanks to our expertise in the field.

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Photo of nitrogen generator

Nitrogen generator reduces CO2 emissions by up to 75%

Mouritsen’s specially designed nitrogen generator, which supplies nitrogen in its purest form on-site and on-demand, significantly reduces CO2 levels.

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Invest in the environment and save money with a 2K solution

When you go from manual mixing or 1-component solutions of materials for surface treatment to an automatic 2K solution, there is money to be saved in the long run.

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Mouritsen A/S strengthens with prominent board members

As of 1 July 2023, two heavyweight profiles from the industry join Mouritsen's board of directors in the form of Lone Hass and Jens Ebbesen. Among other things, they will help Mouritsen A/S execute on strategic themes such as sustainability and product development.

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When responsibility becomes part of the business model

At Mouritsen A/S, responsibility is more than just fancy words on a poster. It is an integral part of our core values and business.

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From Esbjerg to Greenland: Bent drives far for customers

At Mouritsen, we are proud of our service department, which currently has eight people with extensive experience. The department is absolutely necessary if our special solutions and service are to meet our customers' expectations. Here you can read about Equipment Engineer Bent Kiholm, who quite literally goes to great lengths to provide the best service.

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Achieve great benefits with ongoing maintenance of your machines

After many years in the industry, our experienced service technician Emil Timmermann Jørgensen has acquired broad and useful knowledge about maintaining machines and equipment - including the benefits of ongoing maintenance and extending the service life. In this article, he shares his knowledge and offers some good advice.

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Maritime tool

Bristle Blaster – an ideal maritime tool

Due to its flexibility, the Bristle Blaster is an obvious alternative to sandblasting in maritime environments. We recently had the opportunity to educate students of Svendborg Maritime School on this during a one-day course.

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Pilotprojekt i Vejle

Mouritsen A/S helps nature on its way in a new pilot project in Vejle

At Mouritsen A/S, we are now trying to make an active effort to increase the biodiversity in the local area by letting horses graze one of our areas - to the delight of both nature and coziness.

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New order for the wind turbine industry

Paint kitchens for wind turbine factories have become a bit of a specialty for us. Before long, we can deliver our eighth painting kitchen to the same wind turbine manufacturer. This time for a large wind turbine production in France.

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PM portrætbillede foran container

New role for the founder of Mouritsen A/S

Pieter Mouritsen, founder and co-owner of Mouritsen A/S, will step down from the day-to-day operations from 1st of March to make room for new skills and new profiles that can strengthen the company's continued growth.

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Nye medarbejdere billede

New faces at Mouritsen

At Mouritsen, we need extra hands to handle the many exciting tasks. We have therefore brought three new employees on board, who will respectively work in the warehouse, in the purchasing department and in the offshore team. In addition, we have also hired Anne Nygaard as an HR consultant to put extra focus on employee development and well-being.

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Future Now

New market perspectives - and a greener mindset

A business strategy program at the Danish Design Center has provided new insights and perspectives on our role as a partner and advisor in the green transition.

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“Well-being bingo” on the bus - going to work should be fun!

We don't go to work to be happy. We go to work to work. But when we are happy, we work better.

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Ansættelse af Karsten Heydenreich Hansen

Welcome to our new Application Engineer

We are strengthening our technology department with the employment of Karsten Heydenreich Hansen as Application Engineer.

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Lars in front of air compressor

We are strengthening our technical organization with a new technical director.

Lars Lübker comes from a senior position at Maersk Container Industry and will head our technology department.

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At Mouritsen A/S, no FAT tests are alike

We perform FAT tests on all projects. Even the smaller ones. Not because we necessarily have to - but because it simply makes sense in terms of quality and efficiency.

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Skibsv rft2

Turnkey equipment packages help to reduce CO2 footprints

At Mouritsen A/S, we have built an extensive experience with turnkey painting equipment packages distributed to amongst other shipyards in Europe and the Middle East. Via e-learning modules, remote digital support and spare parts kits, we can help our customers achieve substantial savings in their transportation costs.

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