From Esbjerg to Greenland: Bent drives far for customers

At Mouritsen, we are proud of our service department, which currently has eight people with extensive experience. The department is absolutely necessary if our special solutions and service are to meet our customers' expectations. Here you can read about Equipment Engineer Bent Kiholm, who quite literally goes to great lengths to provide the best service.

One day he started work with a mischievous paint pump in Esbjerg. In a few days it will be Greenland, where a new paint line is to be set up.

Bent Kiholm is an experienced equipment engineer, and he solves a wide range of tasks every day. He is a service technician with a particular focus on our customers in Jutland.

- Happy and satisfied customers are extremely important to me. I would rather drive home from an assignment with the feeling that I am welcome to come back another time, he says.

- Therefore, it is not just about the technical aspects. I always work to have good dialogue with those I visit, and I always make sure to make my skills available if the customer wants advice.

A strong organization gets the job done

Individually, our employees have both broad experience and top-class skills, but there may still be one or two things that are best solved in collaboration with others. That is why at Mouritsen A/S we always work as a team.

Two brains think better than one.

- My colleagues are part of my toolbox. They equip me to do my job as well as possible, and it is a great strength that I know that I always have my colleagues with me. At the office I have technical engineers who can advise me. In addition to professional sparring, it has also made me better at my own work. For example, doing the  control unit of the machine that provides the right amount of paint and hardener, says Bent Kiholm.

When you sign a service agreement with Mouritsen A/S, in other words, you get access to our entire service department. Our technicians are always up-to-date on developments in their field and know new technologies, trends and sustainable solutions to the letter.

We are also happy to come by during the industrial and Christmas holidays, so you avoid the long production breaks during busy periods.

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