Achieve great benefits with ongoing maintenance of your machines

After many years in the industry, our experienced service technician Emil Timmermann Jørgensen has acquired broad and useful knowledge about maintaining machines and equipment - including the benefits of ongoing maintenance and extending the service life. In this article, he shares his knowledge and offers some good advice.

Service is an important part of our business. That is why at Mouritsen A/S, we prioritise having a comprehensive and professionally broad service department, currently with eight people, which covers all our business areas.

One of our skilled service technicians is Emil Timmermann Jørgensen. He is a qualified car painter and deals with the service of equipment for sandblasting, painting and metallisation.

Reduce unforeseen costs

After many years in the industry, Emil has experienced the numerous benefits of maintaining his machines and equipment. You reduce the number of large and unforeseen costs, while ensuring high uptimes and you also extend the service life of your machines and equipment. In addition, through a service agreement with Mouritsen A/S, you and your organisation can also acquire the necessary knowledge yourself, as our service technicians always ensure a thorough inspection of the equipment is carried out.

Think sustainability

At Mouritsen, we think sustainably and we do our best to contribute to the sustainability agenda. One way we do this is by using ongoing maintenance to extend the life of your equipment.

It can be as simple as making sure you regularly service and replace wearing parts - that way you avoid having to replace the whole machine. This is a sustainable choice.

Train your operator in service and avoid unforeseen breakdowns

As a technician or operator, it is essential to know your equipment inside out. This way, you learn to keep an eye on your machines and order service in plenty of time, thus ensuring high uptimes and avoiding the costly expense of either a new machine or express delivery of spare parts. With a Mouritsen service agreement, you'll automatically receive a call when it's time for your next service check.

A service agreement ensures flexibility

Our service technicians are always up-to-date on developments in their respective fields, so they are familiar with new technology, trends, sustainable solutions, etc. A service agreement with Mouritsen A/S also means that you are guaranteed a high level of service. We're also happy to come by during the industrial or Christmas holidays, when machines are often running at minimum capacity - so you avoid the long production breaks during your busy periods. We also cover all of Denmark.

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