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Bristle Blaster – an ideal maritime tool

Due to its flexibility, the Bristle Blaster is an obvious alternative to sandblasting in maritime environments. We recently had the opportunity to educate students of Svendborg Maritime School on this during a one-day course.

The Bristle Blaster is a flexible and cost-effective method for surface treatment – even at sea, where space is often tight or traditional sandblasting is not an option.

We recently had the opportunity to demonstrate this at a one-day course at Svendborg Maritime School where, alongside Fyns Coating, sales consultant Poul Baltzer Schmidt from Mouritsen A/S taught a number of students about surface treatment.

The topics included the Bristle Blaster brush technology from our German partner Montipower. The Bristle Blaster is a hand-held tool for removing rust and other surface deposits and incrustations and, among other things, the method is extremely useful on ships, as you can treat and thus renovate various surfaces at sea.

“We always look forward to getting out there and demonstrating what we can offer as a company. Especially in cases like this, where we can demonstrate the use of a product that has several positive outcomes e.g. for the environment. And it’s always a pleasure to work with committed young people,” says Jacob Axelsen, CSO at Mouritsen A/S.

Recognition from the students

Among other things, Poul Baltzer Schmidt instructed the 16 students in the proper use of the Bristle Blaster, allowing them to try out the tool in practice.

“We got really good feedback from the students. For example, they were impressed by the good level of roughness, which allows paint to adhere optimally to the surface. The ease of use and the fact that the Bristle Blaster makes virtually no noise also garnered praise,” says Poul Baltzer Schmidt.

At the end of the course, the students received a diploma.

Suitable for many different needs

The Bristle Blaster® unit consists of a rotating brush head in hardened steel, which, thanks to a special brush design and pressure, can remove deposits on surfaces with the same cleanliness, roughness and precision as, for example, sandblasting. In addition, the item’s surface is prepared for further processing.

Bristle Blaster generates virtually no residual waste, as no sand or other particles are used. The only waste is the small number of cold residue deposits brushed away.

The Bristle Blaster is available in five models based on compressed air, electricity and battery operation.

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