Future Now

New market perspectives - and a greener mindset

A business strategy program at the Danish Design Center has provided new insights and perspectives on our role as a partner and advisor in the green transition.

How can we, as a business partner and supplier to a number of industries, build a business model that supports our own and our customers' contribution to the green transition?

It was both the simple and the complicated question that was the driving force behind our participation in the Dansk Design Center's Future Now program – a strategy and business development project targeted at Danish manufacturing companies.

As an ambitious and far-sighted company, we at Mouritsen have a clear objective to play an active role in the green transition – not least because we can help our customers to optimize and extend the life of their equipment with our deep technology and process knowledge.

Ready with commercial concept

Here, the Future Now program has helped us to become more aware of our own role as advisor and partner when it comes to optimal use of machines and equipment.

At the same time, the program's workshops and counseling sessions have inspired us to develop the prototype of a solution design that can highlight potential and optimization gains in our customers' value chains.

You can read more about this in this article on Dansk Design Center's website: https://ddc.dk/cases/mouritsen/

You can also read more about the Future Now program here: https://ddc.dk/projects/future-now/

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