New order for the wind turbine industry

Paint kitchens for wind turbine factories have become a bit of a specialty for us. Before long, we can deliver our eighth painting kitchen to the same wind turbine manufacturer. This time for a large wind turbine production in France.

The workshop is busy these weeks.

We are in the process of putting the finishing touches on another paint kitchen, which will soon be sent off to France.

Here, the kitchen is to be installed in a large wind turbine manufacturer's production as part of two new paint booths.

"We take it as a seal of approval for both our solutions and our project management that we are allowed to bid on these projects, and it is naturally something we are really proud of, " says CSO Jacob Axelsen.

Built and tested at full scale

A paint kitchen is the term for the facility where the paint is before it is pumped into the paint booth itself.

Based on standard Graco technology we have designed the machinery as a tailor-made solution for the French factory. The solution contains, among other things, an HMI control panel, remote mixing cabinets with valves located in the painting booth itself, as well as correspondence with the painting booth's control system, so that the painting kitchen, for example, shuts down immediately in the event of an emergency stop.


To ensure a smooth installation in the customer's production, we have built the paint kitchen to full scale – 3.6 x 17 x 6 meters – at our workshop in Vejle and carried out a FAT test before shipping to France.

"When it comes to special solutions like this, it gives both the customer and us peace of mind that we have assembled the solution in full scale at home and tested it," explains Søren Hessel, project manager at Mouritsen.

Strengthened organization

The paint kitchen, which after the approved FAT test is now being prepared for shipment, is the eighth paint kitchen that we deliver to the same wind turbine manufacturer. The other kitchens are located at other production sites around the world.

"Over the past few years, we have invested heavily in our organization, including our service department and our technology center. It is therefore gratifying that these investments bear fruit in the form of orders like this one, which help to raise the professional level in the company," says Jacob Axelsen.

The facility will be installed according to plan during the month of March, after which the SAT test will be held later in the year.

Our service technicians will travel to France in March to complete the installation and subsequently follow the project all the way to the final customer hand over.

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