Bristle Blaster® Double - Electric

Handheld, electric brush technology with high efficiency thanks to dual brush design.

Bristle Blaster® Double - Electric can remove rust and other surface coatings with a minimum of residual waste and with a capacity of up to 3 m2 per brush per hour.

The Bristle Blaster® DOUBLE - ELECTRIC runs on electricity and consists of two 23 mm. brushes and associated rotating brush head in hardened steel, which via a special brush design and pressure remove surface coatings with the same cleanliness, precision and quality as, for example, sandblasting.

With the Bristle Blaster® DOUBLE-ELECTRIC from MontiPower® you get:
  • A handheld tool for cleaning surface coatings and generating an optimal surface profile

  • A tool equipped with an ergonomic anti-vibration handle

  • Increased efficiency thanks to the double brush system, which ensures a capacity of up to 3 m2 per brush per hour

  • Minimal amounts of residual waste, which can be easily removed

  • An electrically powered and ergonomic tool equipped with a safety switch and the possibility of mounting a strap for Rope Access tasks

  • An ideal tool for spot repairs

  • Easy and quick operation for efficient execution of the task


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