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Mouritsen is Scandinavia's leading distributor of Graco painting equipment for several industries, including the wind and offshore industry. We possess Graco specialist knowledge within all our product areas, which gives us the best conditions to select, develop, install and subsequently service the systems and solutions in the best and most cost-effective way.

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We offer a wide range of quality one- and multi-component paint pumps.

Our paint pumps can handle a wide range of paint types and cover all imaginable applications.

Common to the units is the modular structure, so that extra pumps can be connected as needed, just as many Graco spare parts can be used on several different units. The pumps are also built innovatively and with wear-resistant components that provide operational reliability as well as easy maintenance and low service costs.

We also collaborate with several leading paint manufacturers and thereby continuously build a deep professional knowledge, which we make available to our customers in connection with advice on the choice of equipment and implementation of finished solutions.

At Mouritsen, you therefore not only invest in a paint pump of the highest quality: you also get a solution tailored to your company's needs and, not least, access to a range of skills that help you maintain the pump and train your employees in the correct use of the equipment for the best possible ROI.

A Graco paint pump is your guarantee for a reliable solution with high uptimes and high productivity as a result.

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Paint pumps

Paint pumps



Quantm® is the new innovative series of electric diaphragm pumps. The pump can be specified as both EX and non-EX approved and can deliver up to 450 l/min. Simple design with just one button, where pressure and speed are controlled via intelligent software. The speed control ensures that the pump does not run dry, cavitate and thus can be damaged. Integrated I/O module with possibility of connection and speed control.



A complete series of air-driven double diaphragm pumps in sizes from 1/4" to 3", where flow rates from 0.94 l/min and up to 1135 l/min can be achieved. All sizes can be supplied in different materials and can therefore be configured for specific needs and for use in EX zones. The Husky pumps are incredibly versatile and their construction means that they are very quick and easy to maintain and repair.



The Merkur pumps from Graco cover every need in painting and when a high-quality finish is needed. The pumps are mobile and can be configured in flexible package solutions with either an airless, air-assisted or electrostatic gun. The Merkur pumps are easy to rinse out and therefore offer the possibility of quick color change and reduced use of thinner or other solvent.

mini merkur


The Mini Merkur pumps are designed so that it uses less material, reduces the engine's air consumption but still delivers a high finish. Flushing the pump can be done in less than 1 minute.


ASM Pumps

ASM is a simple and cost-effective range of electric pumps from Graco. The pumps use Graco spare parts, so they can easily and quickly be serviced. With the ASM electric pumps from Graco, you get electric piston pumps with a large pump capacity, which are particularly suitable for larger tasks and in connection with a wide range of materials - including paint , acrylic, latex, rust protection as well as fire and wood protection. The pumps are supplied with digital display, liquid filter, suction tube with strainer, hoses, gun, nozzle and nozzle holder.



The Triton diaphragm pump can be supplied in many versions and with either AirPro air-assisted or electrostatic guns. The light and compact pump is easy to transport, and due to the low pulsations and smooth shifting, it is particularly suitable for the wood and metal industry.



With the Endura-Flo diaphragm pumps, you get both high pressure and high flow in a compact design. You save time and costs with minor downtime. The simple design of the pump ensures superior durability while resisting freewheeling better than other diaphragm pumps.



Monark 2-ball piston pumps from Graco offer high flexibility during assembly and use via compatibility with a wide range of materials. With a smaller President air motor, these pneumatic drum models are exceptional in terms of consistency and low pressure.

T1/ T2

T1/ T2

Graco transfer pumps maintain performance in any environment and are used to deliver chemicals to equipment that requires fluid transfer. The pumps ensure uniform pressure and flow rate, so that reliable results are achieved, just as the design ensures long durability and minimal maintenance.



T-MAX is an efficient, easy-to-use and transportable solution for indoor application of putty and structural materials without the use of a compressor. It ensures faster set-up, less noise and a cleaner and easier material application.

Sustainable solutions

Environment and working environment are two high-priority focus areas at Mouritsen A/S. When we design solutions or standard equipment, we always try to find the most optimal solution – including taking into account parameters such as material and energy consumption as well as daily operations.

As an example, via a pump with an electric motor, you are guaranteed a lower noise level and significantly improved working conditions compared to other types of pumps. At the same time, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to a factor of eight compared to a similar pump that runs on compressed air.

We can also help optimize the hose system, design equipment for less environmentally harmful types of paint or introduce roller paint via our mixing equipment.

Optimized and intelligent solutions can also achieve the same benefits within, for example, agitators.

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