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Turnkey equipment packages help to reduce CO2 footprints

At Mouritsen A/S, we have built an extensive experience with turnkey painting equipment packages distributed to amongst other shipyards in Europe and the Middle East. Via e-learning modules, remote digital support and spare parts kits, we can help our customers achieve substantial savings in their transportation costs.

Why send an entire truck full of spare parts through Europe when you can equip the customer with the most necessary spare parts from the very beginning?

And why spend time and money on extensive training sessions on-site, if you can do it online instead and thus save both travel time and fuel?

These are the main ideas behind a series of turnkey painting equipment packages that we at Mouritsen A/S have developed for a market-leading paint manufacturer. The transport box contains, in addition to specially assembled standard components, e-learning module and service package with extra spare parts to minimize the cost of travel time for service and training.

"It's a great example of how we can build a solution that creates great value for the customer by putting together relatively simple standard components. At the same time, this solution addresses one of the industry's major challenges: The need for smart and sustainable solutions that can reduce the CO2 footprint for both customer and supplier," Claus Andersen, managing director of Mouritsen A/S, says.

Based on leasing model

The standard components are packed in a transport box with a hose pack, pressure regulator, couplings and truck pocket, so that the paint manufacturer can ship the equipment to the relevant customers – in this case shipyards in Europe and in the Middle East. Each box comes with a leasing model for a year at a time.

The box also comes with a service package with extra spare parts and access to a fully developed e-learning module with, among other things, installation instructions. Additionally, the module contains service instructions so the local employees can carry out simple maintenance themselves.

"We minimize the need for the transport of spare parts and personnel, and at the same time, via e-learning, we can guide the local employees in using as few materials as possible," explains Claus Andersen, referring to the fact that some of the biggest CO2 savings comes from reducing transportation of service personnel to and from the shipyard and less wasted time in the dock.

More ways to create value

According to Claus Andersen, the equipment packages are great examples of how a supplier like Mouritsen A/S can add value via several different channels: The development of a tailored solution for the customer based on standard components, ongoing service and operation of the machines via a large service organization and not least training and competence development of the customer's employees.

"We are not just a wholesale company, a service company or a course company. We have knowledge and experience in several areas, and it is exactly in the intercrossing between these different disciplines that we can create great value for our customers," says Claus Andersen.

Great potential in the Far East

So far, Mouritsen A/S has delivered a smaller number of equipment packages to the paint manufacturer. But CSO in Mouritsen A/S, Jacob Axelsen, eyes a great potential in expanding the solution to other markets. Together with the client, Mouritsen A/S is currently exploring options for a big delivery to the Far East.

"In this specific case, we have developed the equipment package for shipyards, but it could just as well be a production company with many decentralized production units or a contractor who has to build a bridge. The potential is enormous," says Jacob Axelsen.

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