Lars in front of air compressor

We are strengthening our technical organization with a new technical director.

Lars Lübker comes from a senior position at Maersk Container Industry and will head our technology department.

Lars Lübker, 44 years old, brings many years of international experience within, among other things, surface treatment and production equipment - most recently via a leading position as head of development at Maersk Container Industry.

"It is far from all companies of our size that have a technical director. But the employment of Lars stems from the fact that we are ambitious on Mouritsen's behalf, and that we know in which direction we want to go. And for that we need the know-how an industry specialist like Lars brings", says Claus Andersen, managing director of Mouritsen A/S.

Claus & Lars ind the office

Demands from customers are increasing

Lars will be the lead of a technology team that will supplement and support our commercial department, among other things via tailor-made solutions.

"We experience that the demands from our customers are getting higher and higher. Both when it comes to quality, sustainability, automation and the degree of digitization. And regardless of whether we supply equipment to leading wind turbine manufacturers, machine builders, large energy companies or industrial companies, it is just more and more important that we can deliver on those dimensions", says Claus Andersen.

Ambition for strong growth

We are in the midst of a positive development with exciting projects both in Denmark and abroad, and in order to support continued growth there is a need for skilled specialists like Lars, says Claus Andersen and continues:

"We have an ambition to grow heavily in the coming years. And we must do this, among other things, by being able to deliver to an even greater extent what customers need - including parameters such as sustainability, even higher quality and service. We want to be the ones who drive development on the market, and therefore we must focus even more on our technical skills."

Claus & Lars in front of container

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