“Well-being bingo” on the bus - going to work should be fun!

We don't go to work to be happy. We go to work to work. But when we are happy, we work better.

At Mouritsen, we do things a little differently. Instead of a traditional Christmas lunch, all employees of Mouritsen were in Hamburg on the first weekend of November 2021.

Mouritsen is growing and after the arrival of a lot of new colleagues, the purpose of this extended Christmas lunch was to strengthen team spirit and get to know each other better across jobs and departments through shared, fun experiences of both a professional and social nature.

In our work to implement our 3 defined values:

  • Quality

  • The good workplace

  • Responsibility

We had already, in the late summer at a staff meeting, used games and employee involvement as vital elements in converting our "show values" into concrete "use values" that the employees can rely on in their daily work.

On our trip to Hamburg, we very appropriately chose to work with the value "The good workplace". Before the trip, employees and managers were interviewed about what a good workplace is for them. The employees' words and phrases such as, for example, drive, good financial results, humor, good tone and respect, community, doing things right the first time and a large number of other words - a total of 100, were used as playing fields on the “well-being bingo” boards.

Torben & Lars

In this way, the mixture of play and seriousness went into a higher unity in the work of making our values concrete and visible. Enthusiasm was great, and the inner child was given free rein – not least with the lucky winners of prizes and side prizes.

Anne & Lotte

With the Hotel Hafen as a base, the trip to Hamburg also included a visit to the AIRBUS factories south of Hamburg, a visit to the Prototype Museum to the great delight of all car enthusiasts, a sightseeing tour in a "sailing bus" - both on land and at sea, a music quiz as well as memorable restaurant visits.

With a lot of new common energy and good experiences in our luggage, we will once again take on all the exciting tasks that lie ahead, just as we will continue our work to concretize our values and find good ways to visualize and follow up on, how good we are is to live our values.

Are you curious about how and why we work with values at Mouritsen? Read along here.

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