At Mouritsen A/S, no FAT tests are alike

We perform FAT tests on all projects. Even the smaller ones. Not because we necessarily have to - but because it simply makes sense in terms of quality and efficiency.

Quality is part of Mouritsen's DNA.

Therefore, we have a principle that we carry out FAT tests (Factory Acceptance
Tests) on all projects that involve adaptation or design changes of an
equipment solution. Also on smaller and medium-sized projects, where it is not
necessarily a requirement from the customer to have a FAT test.

"Many companies do FAT tests to meet the customer's requirements. We make
them to meet our own quality requirements. Sometimes the customer does not
even know which parameters we are testing for, because we are testing
against the applicable machinery directive," explains Lars Brogaard Lübker,
CTO at Mouritsen A/S.

A journey in increased quality and efficiency
A FAT test is basically an evaluation of a finished machine or equipment to
ensure that the various components of the solution work as they should, and
that there are no risks associated with taking the machine or equipment into

Such FAT tests are typically carried out at the supplier's workshop and at
Mouritsen A/S is a combination of function tests and risk tests. Our specialists
thoroughly review the equipment to ensure that all risks identified in the risk
assessment have been addressed.

"We set up the equipment in our workshop to make sure it works as intended.
We save implementation time at the customers, and at the same time we
achieve certainty that the equipment works as it should," says Lars Brogaard
Lübker and elaborates:

"It is a journey to increase quality but also efficiency. Because it is much easier
to catch the error in your own workshop than in the customer's production. This
is also why, with us, a FAT test is a very dynamic measure that is tailored to
the project in question.”

Fixed project model with interdisciplinary project team
According to Lars Lübker, the structured use of FAT tests is a logical
consequence of Mouritsen's role as a project development company with a
fixed project model and detailed processes.

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