INEOS uses the PM2100 nitrogen generator on the South Arne field

In connection to a specific project the INEOS group has used our PM2100 nitrogen generator to produce nitrogen on-site at the South Arne field in the North Sea. On-site nitrogen production reduces the climate footprint and ensures stable production of nitrogen of the highest quality.




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PM2100 Nitrogen

Nitrogen is an important raw material in many of the processes taking place on an offshore oil and gas platform.

However, it is also associated with high costs and a significant risk of delays to have bottled liquid nitrogen delivered from the mainland. Therefore, it often pays off to produce the nitrogen on-site and on-demand, so that you are guaranteed stable deliveries.

Here Mouritsen's in-house developed PM2100 nitrogen generator can be a valuable tool for many oil and gas producing companies.

Avoids risk of delays

This is, for example, the case at one of the world's leading chemical companies, INEOS, who have used our nitrogen generator in connection with a concrete project on the Danish part of the South Arne oil and gas field, which INEOS owns the majority.

Here, the PM2100 delivers nitrogen of the highest quality - directly from the generator. In this way, INEOS avoids having to transport the nitrogen in bottles from the mainland, which would have increased the risk of errors and defects as well as delays. Thereby increasing the cost of the project due to delayed deliveries because of, for example, bad weather during transport.

More than 40,000 operating hours between scheduled maintenance

The PM2100 nitrogen generator can produce nitrogen with up to 99.9% purity, a flow of 500 m³/h, and a pressure of up to 9 bar.

Among other things, the generator is characterized by the fact that it can initially produce more than 1.3 million bottles of nitrogen before maintenance is required. This means that there are more than 40,000 operating hours between scheduled maintenance.

With the PM2100, you are therefore guaranteed:

  • 24/7 on-site nitrogen production

  • Stable nitrogen production of up to 500 m³/hour and a pressure of up to 9 bar

  • A purity of between 95% and 99,9%

  • Reduced transport costs compared to the use of pressurized bottles

  • Equipment certified according to ATEX zone 2 and so approved for operating in potentially explosive areas

  • Delivered in offshore container (DNVGL-ST-271) (L*W*H) 3200*2438*2900 mm

  • A reliable solution with very little maintenance

  • Low weight per m2 – less than one ton per m2

  • A space-saving solution that frees up space on the deck, because you avoid racks with nitrogen pressure bottles

  • Improved security

  • Reduced carbon footprint

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