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New role for the founder of Mouritsen A/S

Pieter Mouritsen, founder and co-owner of Mouritsen A/S, will step down from the day-to-day operations from 1st of March to make room for new skills and new profiles that can strengthen the company's continued growth.

After almost 20 years at the helm, founder and co-owner of Mouritsen A/S, Pieter Mouritsen, is stepping down from day-to-day operations to continue as an active board member and continued co-owner of Mouritsen.

He maintains close ties to the company, he founded in 2003.

"I am really proud to have helped build a successful company from scratch. On the other hand, our business is changing a lot these years, and I feel that this is the right time to make room for a new team and give them the optimal conditions to continue the further development of the company," says 44- year-old Pieter Mouritsen.

His current role as sales manager for Mouritsens Offshore Energy will be taken over by sales director Jacob Axelsen, while co-owner Claus Andersen will continue as managing director.

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Strategic transformation

The self-taught entrepreneur Pieter Mouritsen founded the company Pieter Mouritsen A/S in 2003, which in 2020 got its current name Mouritsen A/S via a merger with the sister company Airtech A/S.

Mouritsen A/S has over the years developed into a highly specialized company within the sale and rental of equipment for the offshore energy industry, the wind turbine industry and general industry with customers in both Denmark and abroad.

In recent years, Mouritsen A/S has stepped up its efforts to be able to keep up with the customers' increasing demands for process knowledge and technological insight. This transformation from a supplier of physical products to a supplier of solutions and knowledge must be intensified in the coming years, and therefore Pieter Mouritsen also believes that the time is right for him to step into a more strategic role.

Should also be here in 100 years

"It has become far more complex to run a business today. Especially when you have grown as much as we have. It requires an incredible number of resources, strong skills and a skilled organization to keep growing at our pace and at the same time remain true to the core values that characterize us as a company – namely quality, a good workplace and responsibility,” says Pieter Mouritsen and adds:

"I have an ambition that the company should also be here in 100 years, and therefore I believe it is important to create the necessary space in the organization for the skills that will ensure just that."

A healthy business

The transition from managing director to first sales manager and now board member has been a long time coming and is the result of both long considerations and an open dialogue between Pieter Mouritsen and Claus Andersen.

"Pieter and I completely agree that the time is right for him to focus his efforts and skills on the board and thereby ensure the long-term strategic focus that is important for a growth company like ours. Mouritsen is a healthy company with a fantastic culture, which I look forward to both protecting and at the same time developing further," says Claus Andersen.

In preparation for his new role, Pieter Mouritsen has, among other things, completed a board education at Aarhus University, which was completed in January 2022.

He will continue to own 70 percent of Mouritsen A/S, while Claus Andersen owns the remaining 30 percent.

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