Sandblæsning vådblæsning


At Mouritsen A/S, we never compromise on quality, and you always get blasting nozzles of high quality. We can help you find the right nozzle for the specific task, so that you achieve the best possible quality of your blasting.


It is important to keep in mind that the nozzles are exposed to constant contact with the chosen blasting agent and therefore wear out over time. This means that over time more air and blasting agent will pass through the nozzle. The added volume of air will increase the pressure of the compressor, which can lead to pressure loss in the nozzle.

Both intensity and efficiency will decrease due to pressure loss, which means that the quality of the blasted surface will be reduced. A rule of thumb to ensure continuous high quality and efficiency in the blasting process is to replace the nozzle when the nozzle opening becomes worn to the point that it has gone up a size.

We are always ready to provide advice in relation to ensuring the longest possible lifespan and best possible quality of your blasting nozzles. Via a service contract with Mouritsen A/S are you always just a phone call away from good service.


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Sandblasting nozzles

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