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We can deliver a great assortment of valves for all kinds of equipment and assignments.

In our broad range of accessories for blasting equipment you will find blasting nozzles of high quality, several types of couplings and gaskets as well as high quality blasting hoses.

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Optimum™ Sandblasting Hoses

Are you looking for a sandblasting hose that is both 'torsion free' and 'kink resistant'? The Optimum™ sandblasting hose does not twist or kink easily.

Optimum™ Couplings

With Mouritsen's Optimum™ couplings, you get an impact-resistant coupling made of fiber-reinforced cast nylon. The couplings are equipped with a locking spring, which secures the attachment.

Optimum™ Deadman Handles

The Optimum™ deadman handles ensure activation for the control valve and can be supplied in both an electric and air-controlled version.
Both models are designed with a safety feature to prevent accidental activation. The air-controlled model is equipped with a "non-leak" function, which prevents unnecessary air consumption when activated. If working over longer distances, we recommend using the electrically controlled handle.


Optimum™ – your guarantee of quality

Optimum is our new private label brand of quality products, equipment, and solutions for surface treatment.

At Mouritsen A/S, we have delivered a wide range of quality solutions to our customers across industries for more than 20 years. It is this knowledge and insight that form the framework and set the ambitions for the Optimum series.

All products in the Optimum series are specially selected by our skilled specialists based on parameters such as responsibility and quality. We strive for the products in the Optimum series to, for example, have a longer lifespan or better performance than comparable products. Common to all products and solutions is that they are of high quality.

With the Optimum series, we can also offer short delivery times, as we stock the Optimum products. In other words, you get a really good product for the price, where we always stand behind the quality.

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